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Sandra Wilkins
Stories from humble times about enduring love...
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About Me

A little about me...

Sandra Wilkins

I'm a Catholic wife and homeschooling mom of two. I come from a long line of hardy farmers who roughed it in the diverse Oklahoma landscape. I learned about faith, the value of a good story, and the love of music from my grandparents and great-grandparents. When I write my books, I think of them a good deal and I have incorporated little snippets of their lives inside the pages.

My grandma Broudrick was the one who used to read my short stories when I was a teenager and encouraged me to "keep writin' those stories". I might not have ever accomplished my dream if it hadn't been for her enthusiasm then. While she wasn't here for my success, I know she's smiling down from Heaven. My parents gave me a stable, fun environment to pursue my writing, drawing and painting. My supportive husband has been good enough all these years to overlook the messy house while I work on my books.

Homeschooling my girls is a journey in itself. We have lots of wonderful discoveries. I hope to instill in them a love of the arts, history and of learning in general.

I write when I can in the afternoon, so I don't churn out novels as quickly as I'd like. "Slow and steady wins the race", right? I'm blessed and grateful that my books have been published. In the meantime, I look forward to putting down on paper the many more ideas roaming around in my head.

Sandra Wilkins

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