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Behind the Scenes


old building I love history of all the ages. My passion for historical fiction led me to write the kind of romance novels that reflect the wholesome values in Oklahoma at the turn of the last century. I chose the early 1900's for my books because it was during this time Oklahoma Territory and Indian Territory joined to become the state of Oklahoma. It was a time of growth, controversies and modernization. When I decided to write historical fiction, I knew I wanted to use an established town. I picked centrally located Shawnee, Oklahoma because of its interesting history, booming railroad industry and significant architecture in the downtown area. St. Benedict's Catholic church, the Santa Fe depot and many of the businesses I wrote about actually existed and some are still beautiful buildings today. I did a lot of research reading through old newspapers and books, and I tried to incorporate local happenings into my stories.


Music is a passion of mine. Recently, I've tried to learn the guitar and haven't had time to master it at all, but that doesn't stop me from enjoying a wide range of music. Everything from classical, traditional Irish, rock, country and Christian rock tugs at my heartstrings. The lyrics of songs are also an inspiration for some scenes in my books. When I was writing Ada's Heart, I remembered the old Chris De Burgh song, The Lady in Red and it helped me with the mood of a scene and to decide that one of Ada's gowns should be a dark red color. In Rose's Hope, Josh Groban's rendition of My Confession and Black Dress by The Normals were instrumental aiding me in describing Owen's feelings toward Rose. Groban's So She Dances sparked the image of Rose dancing with Hope. Rob Thomas' song Ever the Same assisted with the emotions of one of the pivotal scenes in Rose's story. For Gwen's Honor, there were two songs, Yours To Hold and Comatose from Christian rock band, Skillet, that truly inspired the gut-wrenching desperation and the sleepless nights that Josh Flynn experienced. Never Be The Same, from another Christian rock band, Red, also inspired his pent-up emotions and longings. I'm sure my take on these songs aren't what the lyricists intended, but then isn't that the wonderful thing about music? We can all relate it to something in our lives.

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