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Gwen's Honor

Gwen Book Cover

Gwen's Honor is the final story in the Heartland Romance Series by Montlake Romance. Gwen Sanders has been engaged to the somewhat wearisome Walter Manning for two years but truly believes she will be happy to become his wife. An unexpected reconnection with her childhood sweetheart, Josh Flynn, leads her to find the encouragement she needed to write her novel, and to notice how vastly different the two men in her life are. Finding the persistent whisper in her heart impossible to ignore, Gwen is faced with an unthinkable decision and a yearning that could change her life forever.

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Rose's Hope

Rose Book Cover

Rose's Hope is the second installment in the Heartland Romance Series by Avalon Books. When Rose Dennis begins her first job at B & B Mercantile in the winter of 1906, she befriends a handsome widower, Owen Emerson, his baby, Hope, and a dashing man named Richard Dobbs. As circumstances change, Rose takes care of Hope full time. She soon loves the little baby, but she hesitates to have any feelings for Owen because he still seems to be in mourning. Richard, on the other hand, is accomodating in every way and seems almost too good to be true. Which man loves her? Which man will only betray her? Her friends, Ada and Gwen, try to help her with her dilemma but ultimately it's up to her to decide with which man to put her hopes and dreams.

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Ada's Heart

Ada Book Cover

Ada's Heart begins in the summer of 1905 as a well-known actress , Ada Marsh, arrives in Shawnee, Oklahoma Territory with her fiancé and acting troupe. Ada is impressed with the young prospering town and its people. While giving an interview with a local newspaper reporter, Gwen Sanders, Ada meets Gwen's cousin, Luke Logan, and friend, Rose Dennis. Ada is immediately taken with her new friends. Luke is unlike any man she has ever known, especially her fiancé, Hugh. After Ada discovers Hugh's flirtations with a local actress, she bids farewell to him and her old career and decides to make a new life for herself in Shawnee. Luke Logan decides to pursue Ada, but she keeps him at arm's length. The charming farmer will have to endeavor to earn her trust in order to win her heart.

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